Snakes - Documentaries

Predators, a series of six half-hour films, uses miniaturized cameras mounted on the hunters themselves to show the chase from their perspective. The series also uses action replays and computer animations, allowing it to analyze the tactics of predator and prey from every angle. It shows that both are often evenly matched, with no room on either...
Good documentary giving an inside look into the world of snakes. The documentary covers many species and aspects of the snake including their different types of movement and hunting techniques.
This is venom – a virulent biological toxin… and the weapon of choice for thousands of species. It's one of nature's most efficient ways to kill. Once injected into the bloodstream it can damage nerves and flesh in minutes… and trigger searing pain in seconds. This is venom – a virulent biological toxin…and the weapon of choice for thousands of...
Steve Irwin travels to Sri Lanka to help laborers contend with some of the most venomous snakes in the world. And, for the first time in his life, he goes head-to-head with a man-eating Mugger crocodile.